Travel is one of the passions that can change your view of the world. It is a great way to open up to new cultures, visit different places and learn many things. This is why a stay in the right destination can turn out to be an interesting experience not […]

Springs, Florida Bonita Springs is a coastal town in Florida, located north of Naples, east of Estero, and south of Fort Myers. The town is divided by a main strip of restaurants, boutiques and shops. Other attractions include the beaches, golf course, and many other places. A great place for […]

The amount of time spent on streaming TV increases by the day. It is becoming the preferred source for watching news and entertainment purposes.  However, it doesn’t mean that people are watching more television. On the contrary, their consumption of traditional devices such as the TV or radio decreases.  This […]

Flying has changed over the years, with the term meaning much more than just covering a distance in the shortest time. Airlines are always looking for ways to enhance the flying experience of their passengers, setting higher standards of luxury and convenience. Cabins are now mini-retreats of luxury, with ergonomic […]