Each year millions of people take trips around the world to spend holidays with an abundance of fun and activities and stay in luxury all inclusive hotels and resorts.

One of the appealing factors whenever people plan trips to the island of Jamaica, is that they can choose to stay in the most luxurious resorts for a restful holiday and soak up plenty sunshine.

While this will restore and reenergize your bodies, you have the option to try something that is entirely different and still awake your senses and souls to the many experiences of the real Jamaica.

This is not the selecting of a new adventure, resort, location or to venture out with the locals at the popular eating spots, but simply about volunteering. Similar to the travelers that come to this island for the fun, sea and sun, there are thousands that visit each year to help others in many areas and learn as much as they can about Jamaica at the same time.

You can opt to grant an hour or two for the week or donate your entire holiday to make a difference in someone’s life. Possibly, that you are one of those person that is already doing this back home and in other countries and is looking for somewhere that will inspire you.

Jamaica is very big on charity and other care giving ventures and you will find many locations, just as you would for the excitement, to offer your services. You will find St Andrew on the South East section of the island and most of the area also boasts good agricultural lands.

This is where you will find the cultivation of the popular Blue Mountain Coffee, as well as number delicious mangoes for the export market. If you are volunteering in this location, you will see a large number of children smiling, similar to the wide expanse of land.

It is very easy for one to be drawn to some of the poorer communities to teach these children and at the same time understand the reason behind the smiles.

It is believed that the education system in Jamaica is advanced when compared to a number of countries in the western region; therefore this is a good chance for volunteers to experience this directly.

There are some travelers that will tell you, that spending all your time in the resorts will not enable you to experience all that is true about the Jamaican culture. When you are out interacting with the locals, you will get a different perspective through the guidance of the people.

Even though, you might be assisting others on this trip, you can still enjoy the many highlights and take in the beautiful scenery from the hills. When you are taking a break from all the excitement with the children, if you aren’t too exhausted, take a walk on the beautiful white sand and let the water caress your feet.

At the end of your trip, you will feel just as elated by the local people and views that you encountered. You too, will have the warm feeling of this island to share with your family back home, as you would have learn much more about Jamaica than on your other holidays.

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