A Guide For First-Time Campers Using RV 


One thing that is often overlooked during caravan trips is choosing RV awning fabric for added protection. It is among the essentials used to cover up the vehicle against changing weather. The material is durable keeping the inside of the caravan dry and comfortable to rest on. 

There is more you need to know about van life if this is your first-time camp experience. First, make a checklist of camping essentials to begin planning for your trip. 

Things To Remember Before, During, And After RV Camping  

Gathering pieces of stuff for RV camping need not be in a rush. Chances are you will forget some of the important travel items in the middle of the trip. Therefore, here is a checklist to specify what you need before, during, and after camp. It includes the things to bring and also some tips to remember. 

  1. Before Departure 

Safety must be kept in mind even before take off. As part of the routine, make sure to turn off the gas cylinder and other utilities whenever you leave the house. Lock the doors and windows not to allow intruders to steal things. 

In case of the presence of satellite and solar panels, leave them laying flat for better safekeeping. Do not forget to switch off the power supply and other appliances to conserve energy while you are away. 

And now with the caravan, double-check the tire and all the vehicle parts. The parts must be in good condition, including the GPS map that will lead you to the right places later on. 

Make a list of items you need during the trip and budget everything. Go to the grocery a week before to buy food, water, and other essentials. Better stick to your budget because additional expenses may occur. 

The “clean as you go” policy is applicable for RV camping. Pick up your trash before departure to benefit nature. 

  1. During Camp

Make sure everything is ready for departure to reduce stress during camp. All you need to do is to find a camping spot and park the caravan near a power supply and water station. Such perks will help you survive the camp. Turn on the parking brake for the RV to keep still. 

You can now raise the satellite dish to set up entertaining devices. Also, use air conditioning or a heater, depending on the climate at your place. Prepare cooking stuff using an LP gas to be more energy-efficient. 

When the weather gets rough, be ready to set up the awnings to keep yourself dry. Some travelers may also tow a vehicle to the RV which can be detached during camp. This is to add up space for everyone to spend time chit-chatting.  

RV Tips For First-Time Campers 

It can be very challenging to go RV camping without any idea of what to do. It is a demanding type of adventure but worth every effort when you have reached the destination. That would be better if you will spend it with your loved ones and friends. 

Below are added tips for first-time campervan users:

  1. Understand Caravan Uses 

Whether you are buying or hiring a campervan, it is important to learn how it works. Though the vehicles look the same, each option might have features that are unique from the others. 

Better ask the rental company specific questions about the van’s utilities and how they work. Some of the factors about the vehicle that you must know include:

  • Gas consumption 
  • Water source
  • Power supply 
  • Caravan’s size 
  • Other amenities 

It is also vital to ask about the van’s insurance. For that reason, you can determine its policy covers in case of liabilities. Caravans have mileage limits with regard to insurance coverage. So, before you visit a country with a caravan, check on the policy cover to ensure protection. 

  1. Plan Caravan Routes

Find routes earlier than the RV trip to avoid roadblocks. Also, look for places where to spend the night. Secure your accommodation before the trip as camping sites are often fully booked during summer. 

Make sure your navigation system is working all the time. Download the destination’s map in case you lose signal on the road. It is very risky to drive down a road you are not familiar with, so this matters. 

Get familiar with the place through Google for more certain rides. Hiring a caravan will give you an idea of the possible routes needed to pass by. This will prevent losing your way which might also add up fuel expenses over time. 

  1.  Expect For Changes 

Using a caravan, whether hired or owned, may face changes in plans along the trip. There could be unexpected stops due to driver fatigue. 

Changing locations may also happen in a snap. Possibilities are you may find a better place to spend the night that is less expensive and perfect for your needs. So, this requires being flexible in your budget for more sudden shifts to your itinerary. 

Final Thoughts 

It is possible to make your first RV camping with the above tips and things to note. The entire experience is fun and memorable so spend it with the right people. Beware of the rules for camping to keep everyone safe from setting up to departure. Call a rental company to get a caravan ideal for your needs. 

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