If you’re planning to visit the Giza Pyramid Complex, be sure to start early. The Pyramid Complex gets quite busy by around 9:30am, and you’ll want to avoid the midday heat. Also, avoid dense fog, which can obscure the views. This is especially important if you’re planning to visit during the summer months. Let’s see how you can make it happened.

Plan ahead

If you plan on visiting the Giza Pyramids, you need to plan ahead. You may need to rent a car or hire an Uber to get there. However, you can also take public transportation to Giza. Depending on the traffic, the trip to Giza may take 40 to 90 minutes. Also, plan to stay at a hotel within Giza.

You can purchase tickets for the Pyramids at the main entrance to the site, just in front of the Pizza Hut. However, it is unlikely that you will find tickets online. Alternatively, you can buy tickets from a tour agency before you arrive. Regardless of which ticket you choose, make sure to bring plenty of water and sunglasses. You should also take a photo of yourself with the sphinx and visit a lookout point to get a full view of all the pyramids. 

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Avoid touts

While you should always pay close attention to your surroundings, there is a good chance you will be approached by touts. You must be wary of these aggressive individuals who often lash out at tourists, especially during the tourist season. Fortunately, there are some tips you can follow to avoid these unscrupulous individuals.

Always remember to be skeptical of touts and always walk away. Even if the tout appears to be an official employee of a place, they are out to take advantage of tourists. They will try to convince you to pay for additional services or even sell you a fake object. They will start small talk to gain trust. For example, they may ask you for your country of origin.

Avoid camel drivers

When visiting Giza, it’s best to avoid camel drivers. Many tour guides and taxi drivers have links with camel owners, and they may try to increase their business by offering a ride on a camel. For example, taxi drivers may tell you that the only way into the pyramids is by horse and carriage, but they’ll also take a cut of the fee for the horse. Also, some camel owners may try to convince you that you can’t tour the Pyramids without a guide, or that it’s illegal to do so. These people often want your money to feed their families.

Avoid camel drivers when visiting Giza by taking your time and making your visit as relaxing as possible. Many camel drivers will try to persuade you to buy their souvenirs, and they may even try to persuade you to ride on a horse or a carriage. However, it’s best to be firm and insist on taking your time at each pyramid, including the Great Sphinx, and avoid giving in to the temptation to purchase souvenirs. Likewise, there are tricksters who will give you free gifts, claiming that you don’t need to buy their gifts. When you refuse to buy their gifts, they will pretend to be insulted and try to get away with a quick sale.

Avoid eye contact

When visiting Giza, try to avoid eye contact with anyone who may be in a hurry. The pyramids and the Sphinx are co-located, and the area is dusty and sandy. Tourists should wear appropriate clothing and close-toed shoes. Guides may push you to buy souvenirs and visit local shops or online order. Buying these items, you can use promo codes which can be money saver for you. You can find your suitable promo codes on GreenPromoCode.com.

Don’t make eye contact with touts. You may feel tempted to smile, but it’s not appropriate. If the person is persistent, you can try putting on a headphone and stay firm. Also, you can catch the Sound and Light Show from the roof of Pizza Hut, which is right next to the Sphinx. The show is free, but you should tip the performers well. Do not attempt to climb the pyramids, as it is extremely dangerous.

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