Eastern Escape To The Beach – A Luxury Modern Marvel In Dubai Or An Egyptian Oasis

Eastern Escape To The Beach – A Luxury Modern Marvel In Dubai Or An Egyptian Oasis

Dubai is an incredible feat of human engineering; a showground of modern architecture and a symbol of forward thinking. With its impressive towers of modern steel and glass it is easy to forget that the city has erupted out of the baron landscape of the Arabian Desert.. Careful city planning and ambition has created some of the world’s tallest buildings and the largest man-made island in the world; Dubai is a city designed to impress.

Sharm el Sheikh is an oasis in Egypt which offers an alternative to the modern, chic facade of Dubai, providing a quieter location with rustic laid back charm. For many years the city was the best kept secret by the Egyptians who favoured it as a sea side retreat. Since the 1960s, tourism has flourished and brought great change to the city which has a heavy western influence, and today the tourism sector employs a large proportion of local residents.

Dubai is favoured by tourists for its amazingly predictable weather. The maximum temperature recorded in January was 24 degrees Celsius whilst July boasted a roasting 42 degrees Celsius and the annual rainfall amounts to a mere 13 centimeters per year.

Sharm el Sheikh offers a laid back approach to life which can be ideal for a quiet, relaxing retreat. The city has excellent diving grounds nearby for those wishing to explore the colourful underwater world filled with tropical corals and exotic marine life. Although primarily a beach resort the city is situated near to several national parks, protecting a variety of wildlife and fauna which are accessible to visitors through excursions with local tour operators.

Between 1995 and 2005 the population of Dubai increased double-fold to 1.2 million and 80% of the population are ex-patriots from over 200 countries, bringing a wealth of different cultures and experiences to the bustling city. Dubai is focussing on tourism by building world leading luxury hotels and creating superb attractions to exceed visitors’ expectations.

One of the most popular ways to experience the exceptional weather in Dubai is to enjoy the beach. Visitors can go for a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Persian Gulf, indulge in exhilarating water-sports or simply soak up the sun-rays on the crisp sand at the beach. Dubai has an array of luxury hotels to appease even the most demanding traveller, including some on the coastline at Dubai Beach.

You can travel around Dubai with ease using the plentiful taxis, the extensive bus network or by hiring a car. A commitment from the city’s fathers to reduce congestion ensures speedy movement throughout the area. Construction is under way for the Dubai Metro system which will encompass 43 stations within the city, further easing transportation.

Dubai offers visitors cuisine to suit every palette, superb weather, stunning beaches, luxury hotels and excellent transportation. Sharm el Sheikh offers a quieter experience with rustic charm and a western influence. Both offer different qualities to suit your desires and neither will disappoint.

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