How to Buy Tickets to the Acropolis in Athens, Greece


The Acropolis in Athens is a person of the most popular monuments in the world. It’s a common symbol of an historic civilization and signifies huge architectural and creative innovations created all through Greek Antiquity, which happened concerning the 8th century BC and ended all-around the 6th century Advertisement. 

As history recollects, through the second half of the 5th century BC, Athens was victorious versus invasion from Persia and became the first location to establish democracy. As these, it took a main posture amongst other nations that had been popular at the time. 

Simply because of its large historic and cultural importance, this is a single monument that you don’t want to pass up when you pay a visit to Greece. We’ll show you almost everything you require to know about having Acropolis Athens tickets for your check out. 

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A guide to getting tickets for the Acropolis, Athens
Parthenon on the Acropolis in Athens, Greece

Why ought to I check out the Acropolis? 

The Acropolis symbolizes Historic Greece and its previous glory, which found its prime over two millennia ago. It stands large earlier mentioned modern-day Athens and includes the Parthenon and lots of other historic ruins at the internet site. 

When viewing, you will observe in the footsteps of historic Greek philosophers and thinkers, such as Socrates, Pericles and Sophocles, that assisted shape Western Civilization as we know it. 

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You will discover all of these historic websites at the Acropolis:

  • The Odeon of Herodes Atticus
  • The Parthenon
  • The Beulé Gate
  • The Monument of Agrippa 
  • The entrance, Propylaia 
  • The Temple of Athena Nike
  • Porch of the Caryatids at the Erechtheion
  • Aged Temple of Athena Polias
  • The Famous Olive Tree of the Pandroseion
  • The Acropolis Museum 
  • The Theatre of Dionysus 

There is a purpose that the Acropolis is just one of the most significant websites in the Western entire world. You will not want to pass up out on all of these considerable web-sites. 

Visiting the Acropolis in Athens

We will aid you get most of your stop by to the Acropolis. 

The Acropolis is open up practically each and every working day of the 12 months. However, Acropolis Athens opening several hours change with each individual time. In summer, it is frequently available from 8am to 7pm. In winter, it’s open from 9am to 5pm. Make absolutely sure to double-verify the Acropolis Athens opening hours when you visit. 

You will likely commit at least two several hours checking out, so make sure you go away more than enough time to actually love your vacation. Suppose you want an Athens combined ticket. In that case, you may well expend even for a longer time listed here to account for journey with your team and transit to your upcoming location.  

The best time to go to is in the late afternoon in Summer time, as the sunset here is extraordinary with sights above the city of Athens. Alternatively, you could check out in the off-year when traces are a great deal shorter. 

You can acquire Acropolis Athens tickets online or at the window upon arrival. Keep in mind that queues at the window can be very lengthy, so buying Acropolis Athens tickets online could preserve you some time. 

Whilst new paving has been added all-around the Parthenon, you may perhaps still locate some uneven spots, which could become slippery. You are recommended to remain cautious of uneven surfaces when browsing. A good idea is to don relaxed, low-heeled footwear with rubber soles. 

Drinks are not commonly offered, so convey along an sufficient h2o offer, particularly if you are going to through the summertime.

The Acropolis Museum has a cafe and restaurant with incredible views of the historical ruins. The northern exit is around the neighbourhoods of Anafiotika and Pika, which have lots of places to eat and cafes within their winding streets. 

The key entrance is on the western facet of the Acropolis. There is also a smaller entrance at the southeastern corner, mostly made use of for skip the line and private guided tours. 

A guide to getting tickets for the Acropolis, Athens
A information to finding tickets for the Acropolis, Athens

Athens Acropolis tour: Which one particular must I select? 

You can get a lot of different forms of Acropolis Athens tickets for your pay a visit to, so it would be clever to choose what you want to do just before getting! 

Some of the most well known varieties of Acropolis tickets involve:

Visiting the Acropolis in Athens as a tourist
Viewing the Acropolis in Athens as a tourist

Getting Acropolis Athens Tickets

When you’re likely on an Athens Acropolis tour next time you go to Greece, make certain to get Acropolis tickets in time to delight in the majestic magnificence of the Acropolis. You do not want to skip out on the sacred Parthenon.

No matter what, you ought to get Acropolis Athens tickets that fit your itinerary. Some of the offered choices contain an Athens merged ticket for the greatest sightseeing or Acropolis skip the line tickets for jet setters with confined time!

Keep in mind to double-verify the Acropolis Athens opening hours to make sure you get the most out of your up coming check out. Ahead of you know it, you’ll be strolling in the similar place that Socrates walked in all through the peak of the Historical Greek period. 

We hope you liked this information on receiving Acropolis Athens tickets for your future getaway.


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