Knitting Basic Instructions – Knitting Needles


Knitting can be a fun hobby for many. Not only do older people practice it, but younger ones can too. Many people think that knitting is for old ladies. However you may be surprised that some men from indigenous tribes also practice knitting. Knitting can be a lot better than sewing on sewing machines since knitting can be a great art form.

There is a whole bunch of literature surrounding knitting with various tips regarding basic knitting instructions and opinions covering various facets of the vocation. In this article I will shed light on the material from which the knitting needle needs to be made of since the needle is one of the most important parts of knitting and they are the basic tool with which you perform the art of knitting.

The material with which the knitting needle is made is important more so than crochet since the needles rub together more often in knitting than crochet. Hence if the material is too rough, than this can produce undue friction and this can slow down your knitting. Wood is a good material to work with due to a number of advantages. Wood has traditionally been known to be warm to touch and this holds true not only for knitting but for almost every application wood is used for. Wood is used for flooring, windows, etc. and also paneling on the walls. All this ensures than no matter what surface the hand touches, it gets a warm feel. Also, wood does not break easily. Moreover, wood needles don’t clack and are also smooth. Metal needles will not provide you with a nice touch since metal has traditionally been known to be quite cold to touch. However they are quite inexpensive. They are also known to speed up knitting since they are quite smooth. Plastic needles also tend to be quite cheap. However even though they may be fine with beginners knitting, they tend to be slower with fast knitting. I personally do not like plastic needles. However this does not mean that they do not work well for beginners.

It all depends on what you want to use. If you want a good touch then go for wood. If speed is your game then metal needles will be better for you. Finally you can choose plastic needles that can be quite inexpensive. But the important point is they all are fine as far as the art of knitting goes.

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