Mission Vacation – Beach Resort in Sri Lanka


For many years, Sri Lanka has kept its identity of being a serene country rich in culture and heritage. Many people really can’t help but fall to her mystique and spellbinding beauty. Sri Lanka is separated from the Indian sub continent by the Gulf of Mannar and Palk Strait. It is located in south west of Bay of Bengal in the Indian Ocean. Beach Resort Sri Lanka expanded over the island as it became a popular vacation destination. And the reasons for this popularity – glorious golden sand beaches!

Palm-Fringed Sri Lankan Coastline

Sri Lanka’s discreet charm lies in the soft morning light that creeps through mountains and touches high-end beaches. Beach resort Sri Lanka bestows these soft morning sunlight on your window as you wake up to the beauty of nature and amazing crystal blue waters on white powdery sand. How can one forget walking on endless palm fringed golden sand coastline while admiring the beauty surrounding it?

Enjoy year round warm and tropical weather while basking in the calm and tranquil waters of the Indian Ocean. The best Sri Lanka coastline range from the Negombo in the northwest up to the Trincomalee of the northeast. And this goes down miles to further beautiful beaches of the Bentota in the south coast. Here in the southern tip of the country lie pockets of absolutely dazzling flat sandy beaches as well as calm lagoon areas safe for swimming any time of the year.

More than Dazzling Beaches

Coming to Sri Lanka is not only about the dazzling beaches, though of course you can’t ever discount the fact that it is the most sought after vacation holiday. Travelers and tourists can also opt to try different water based sports that their beach resort Sri Lanka stay offers them – especially if they are in the famed Hikkaduwa where coral reefs off the beach offer adventurers great diving structure. The Arugam Bay at Sri Lanka’s east coast is a haven for thousand surfers from April until October. Sri Lanka east coast is known worldwide as it offers surfers great surfing points on white sandy beaches with picturesque views.

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