The Different Types of the Felt Hat to Select From – Take Your Best Pick

Fedora Felt Hat Guide

Felt hats have had an exciting history. If you delve deep into it, you will find out that women and men have worn felt hats since the 14th century. Also, for several generations, a man who hailed from a respected family always stepped out wearing a hat. However, the fashion scene has changed, and life also has undergone a massive change. Today, men and women wear felt hats to flaunt a particular style statement and complement the outfit for any special occasion. Today, people opt-in for felt hats for a wide range of reasons, which is both frivolous and practical. 

If you look at the domain of the felt hat women’s collection, you will find varied choices to count on. And that might overwhelm you completely. Hence, in this article, we will discuss some of the best-felt hats that modern-day style-conscious women can opt for. 

  1. Fedora

Even though men wore a fedora, women also started to embrace this hat style as well. The felt fedora hat has a brim pulled down towards the front. Also, the crown gets a crease at length. If you read about it, you will find out that it is called the gangster hat because it gets linked to the criminals back in the 1930s. And during that time, the standard colors for this hat were purple, blue, and green. That aside, currently, the hat also gained much popularity and appeared in black, tan, and brown colors. 

  1. Cloche

The cloche hat can best be described as the soft felt hat that only women wear. The hat got popular back in the 1920s, and it got considered the flapper look. Also, most women thought that the bell-shaped hat was the pinnacle of fashion during this time. To date, the hat has its style statement intact. When you look at this flattering hat, you will find it to fit your head well. It dips down the neck and also covers the forehead towards the front. Most women find the cloche hat to be a practical hat that they can wear for warmth. Usually, this hat comes with a hatband, flower, and various other decorations as an accent. 

  1. Beret

If you look at the beret hat, you will find it to be a felt hat that doesn’t have a brim. Also, it comes with a circular, wide crown space that hugs the head region. It is stylish to wear the hat towards a certain angle on the side. The hat used to get worn majorly by the working class back in the 1920s when it came into the fashion scene in France. Today, both women and men wear a beret, but it is more popular amongst women. You can get a beret hat at the stores that can fit into your handbag. Also, particular military organizations have added this hat as a part of their uniform. 

  1. Cowboy hat

If you are talking about a felt hat for women that has a high and wide brim and creased crown, it has to be the cowboy hat without a doubt. John Stetson came up with this hat back in 1865 at the time of the trek in the western United States. Mainly, the ranchers and the cowboys required a hat that would protect them from the scorching rays of the sun and the harsh elements as they worked outside. Today, style-conscious urban women wear this hat for play, work, and other varied occasions. 

  1. The bowler or derby hat

Even though the derby is a man’s hat, women are also sporting it. It comes with a hard domed crown and has a curled, narrow brim. Usually, women choose a brown or a black derby along with a complementing hatband towards the crown base. Also, historically the derby hat got worn at the time of horseback riding or similar events. The hat got developed by William Bowler and later took on the name “bowler.” 

  1. Homburg

The homburg is a popular and stylish felt hat that comes with a rolled edge brim and creased tapered crown. The hat is modern and classy and can get worn by women who want to experiment with their style statement. During 1890, this felt hat became popular after the Prince of Wales had purchased it when he visited Germany. Even Hollywood celebrities wore this hat during the years the 1940s and 1950s. During the 1990s, homburg witnessed a revival when the prominent rappers from the music industry used to wear it. 

These are some of the famous felt hats for women that you can choose from. However, make sure that the hat fits you correctly. If the hat is loose or too tight, you will feel awkward about the hat either falling out or creating a discomfort around the forehead.