Tips for Always Looking Your Best in Your Vacation Photos


There is nothing better than going back to your vacation memories while you are at home. Our favourite photos of our famous people at the most beautiful places in the world are what break up the monotony.

Great vacation photos can be taken anywhere, no matter where you are. There are very few photos that you should pass up if you’re having a good time. These are for all shutterbugs around the globe:

Do a Little Research

You can use any number of vacation planning tools and apps to find out more about your destination. This will allow you to plan an adventure that maximizes the time you spend away from your home.

Waterlog allows you to plan your itinerary. All the information you save is accessible offline, which makes it ideal for travellers who live far away. You might also want to plan your trip with Tripadvisor and Citymapper, which offer a wealth of local attractions and must-sees.

Tell a story

You’ll want to look back at your trip and remember every moment, especially if it was with loved ones or family. Pre-flight coffee a cab rides to a romantic dinner? Sometimes it’s the small things that bring us back in retrospect.

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Always have your phone or camera with you. Not just for group photos at the end of planned outings, but all the time. You don’t have to pose and take fake vacation photos. We find that family holiday cards are more memorable than traditional photos and that even in less ideal conditions, some of the most amazing shots are taken without any warning. A photo doesn’t have to be perfect. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

A Lightweight Tripod and Selfie Stick are recommended.

A tripod is a lifesaver for travellers who travel to take photographs. You might as well get the shot of your life if you go to all the effort of visiting the Great Pyramids at Giza.

Many tripods are available on the market that can be used to take photos on vacation. They offer a fast, easy, and convenient way to snap pictures without slowing you down.

A tripod might be too much for your crew and style, but a selfie stick may be the best option. Grab it before you board your flight. Without compromising the quality of the photo or bothering anyone, you can squeeze everyone into the shot.

Explore the Unbeaten Path

The Statue of Liberty. The Golden Gate Bridge. What are the best things to do on vacation after you have done all the obvious?

Finding local spots, unique experiences, and places can be challenging, especially if you are new to travel as a hobby. Yelp is only able to do so much. The best food, exciting places, and most incredible people won’t always be on Fifth Avenue.

Sites like Culture Trip, Atlas Obscura and social media sites such as Instagram can help you find the best of each city. You can bring a story worth telling, complete with photos.

Mobile photography is powerful!

If you are an avid travel photographer, chances are your bag is already packed in the next space, ready for action at a moment’s notice.

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Travel photography is a lot more fun with quality gear and all the gadgets. However, we encourage you not to use your actual camera when your smartphone is not available. Photography in a small format doesn’t need to be haphazard or look sloppy.

You can save the editing for the Hotel Room.

Alongside our previous point comes one admission: we suffer from acute, chronic VSCO-Cam-at-the-table syndrome. We warn you that editing photos while you are still enjoying your vacation is a waste.

If you are crazy like us, you may worry about losing a photo before sharing it. You can leave the hard work to your cloud storage service or an external backup drive on which your images are stored nightly.

When you get home, you will have plenty of time to edit your photos. You’ll have a better experience if you keep your eyes on what’s ahead. You’ll also see better pictures.


You can also use your family Christmas cards photos as an excuse to get all dressed up and have professional photos taken. Perhaps holiday photos aren’t just for Christmas greetings in your household. Instead, they’re photographs you’ll keep in a photo album or display throughout your home for future generations. You could also use your Christmas card pictures as an opportunity to dress up and get pictures taken by professional photographers. Perhaps for your family, photographs of the holidays aren’t meant to be used only for card-making. Instead, these are pictures that you’ll place in a photo album or display in your home, storing the images for future generations.

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