What Are the Most Cultured Southern Cities?

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If you are hoping to move to a city filled with culture, the south has you covered. There are so many cities in the south that offer culture, the arts, and cultural institutions to enjoy. If you are looking for a vibrant city filled with culture to take in, look no further than the south.

There are many southern cities that people would call cultured, and here are a few of the most cultured southern cities:

New Orleans, Louisiana

The city of New Orleans is just bursting with cultures, including African-American, Creole, and Cajun cultures. The city has a lot of influence from African-American, French, and Spanish cultures. From the food to the traditions, like Mardi Gras, to the architecture, culture is just flowing from every part of New Orleans.

If you are planning a visit to New Orleans, be sure to eat some of the amazing Creole and Cajun food and visit the many local attractions. You might just find that you love the cultural influences of the Big Easy so much that you want to stay and you find yourself searching the New Orleans houses for sale for the beautifully iconic NOLA architecture. 

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is another southern city full of culture and dripping with southern charm. Charleston is also known for its architecture and is known as a charming city. Charleston’s culture is represented in a variety of ways: through African-American culture in the region, through the arts, through local cuisine, and even through local hobbies.

Charleston also hosts many cultural festivals, such as the Lowcountry Blues Bash and the Festival of Houses and Gardens. There are also many cultural institutions in the city, like the ballet company, symphony orchestra, and theater groups. 

The city is known for its regional cuisine, including shrimp and grits and fresh oysters. Hobbies such as shrimping, fishing, and sailing also contribute to the culture of the area. If any of this sounds appealing to you, Charleston may be your city.  

Miami, Florida

The city of Miami is also full of culture, including Hispanic culture, Caribbean culture, and more. With its location near the southern tip of Florida, it is clear that Miami has a mix of cultures represented in the city.

Culture in Miami is represented through festivals throughout the year, many museums in the area, and arts festivals. Miami is also an amazing place to try the cuisines of different cultures. If you are looking for a city in the south that is full of culture, Miami should be at the top of your list. You can visit some museums, attend a cultural festival, and try some new-to-you cuisines to get your fill of culture in Miami.

Obviously, there are so many cities in the south just full to the brim of culture, whether the traditions and influences of groups of people or the focus on the arts. You can get your fill of culture in New Orleans, Charleston, and Miami, or many other southern cities.  

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