Making the Most of the Outdoors During Your New Zealand Vacation

Making the Most of the Outdoors During Your New Zealand Vacation

There’s simply no doubting the natural beauty of New Zealand’s stunning landscapes. This famous part of the Southern Hemisphere offers everything from mountains and glaciers, active volcanoes and dense forests, to lakes and rocky and sandy coastlines.

Whilst New Zealand is not a large country, travel seekers find themselves surprised by how much there is to do and see. As well as exploring the landscapes, there’s a huge range of activities available which you can experience as part of your New Zealand vacation, satisfying both the sedate and the adventurous.

New Zealand is often regarded as being the outdoor adventure capital of the world. Kiwis are very active people who love getting outside and many take access to the natural world for granted. The experience of ‘going bush’ is almost a spiritual role that involves communing with nature whilst exploring an unspoilt forest.

Another iconic tradition is that of the great Kiwi beach holiday in a rustic bach. These small holiday homes, often roughly built, hold an important place in the hearts of ‘Kiwi’s’. They’re regarded as somewhere where you can get away and unwind.

For most people, every New Zealand vacation involves a huge range of outdoor pursuits – from walking and fishing to jet boating, bungy jumping and canyon swinging. Visitors have the choice of doing these independently or with the guidance of a tourist operator.

New Zealand is also spoilt for choice when it comes to snow sports. The ski season is usually from June to October, but varies depending on the area. There are ski areas in both islands but the majority are in the South Island. This tranquil part of the world also has 14 national parks, providing walkers, trampers and hikers with thousands of kilometres of tracks to choose from. There are 9 popular tracks, including the Tongariro Northern Circuit in the North Island and the Abel Tasman Coast Track and Milford Track in the South Island.

Hunting and fishing is one of the most popular pastimes in New Zealand. It’s actually legal to hunt a number of species, including deer, pigs and wild goats. However, people wanting to hunt on public conservation land need to apply for hunting permits.

Many of New Zealand’s rivers are rich in salmon and trout, of which the central North Island is most famous. Salt water fishing is always a common activity during every New Zealand vacation. Some of the most popular spots for big game fishing are in the Bay of Islands, Whitianga, Tutukaka and Tuhua. Surf casting from many of the beaches around the country is also extremely popular.

One of the biggest draw cards of visiting or living in New Zealand is that it takes just a 3 – 4 hours drive from anywhere in the country to get to the coastline. This is just another reason to come ‘down under’ and visit one of the most talked about parts of the world. You’ll quickly see why so many people return to live here once they’ve visited, or just don’t leave at all.

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