Resorts and Five Star Business Hotels in India


What is the difference between a resort and business hotel? If both the options belong to the five star category, you won’t find much of a difference. At a resort, you can avail the various entertainment options and enjoy your complete stay. Even if you are not visiting a leisure hotspot, staying at a resort will well serve your purpose. You won’t even realize how your time is spent here.

The effort is further rewarded at a beach resort. For example, if you stay at a five star Goa beach resort, you can enjoy spending time in a private beach or at a beach where there is less crowd. Besides, if you are with your family, you can let your kids get entertained at the kids corner and yourself go for a rejuvenation therapy at the in-house spa parlor. Playing golf or enjoying some good time at the in-house pub also adds to the zest. Many a Goa beach resort offers baby sitting services to the advantage of the guests. If you want to visit the other beaches of Goa, do some shopping, visit the local hotspots, etc. you may avail the Concierge services.

When it comes to business hotels in India, there are counted few brands that top the list in terms of facilities offered and reputation. Majority of the foreign tourists prefer staying in five star hotels and resorts where the most modern amenities are available and where personalized services are offered. And the five star business hotels in India, whether it is Bangalore five star hotels or Goa beach resort, provide the same.

A business centre, work station, conference room, board room, etc. are but common facilities offered in five star business hotels in India. Common services offered include wi-fi and wired broadband Internet, photocopying, fax, printouts, secretarial services, lamination, binding, laptop on hire, mobile on hire, translation and interpretation services, scanning of documents, etc. So, if you are in Bangalore and have booked your accommodation in one of the finest Bangalore five star hotels, you will avail all aforementioned facilities.

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